Winter can bring a lot of fun, but not to your nails. It leaves your hands chapped while the nails weak and brittle. If you have plans for spring and summer season, you might consider bringing back the life to your nails. How can you possibly do that?

There are always solutions for health and beauty concerns. When it comes to restoring the glow of your nails, then you can just opt for nail products or professional care. However, not all women can afford these expensive solutions. As a remedy, you can just try out home fixes that will not require you to spend an arm or a leg.

Quick Fix #1: Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

If it seems that life has been sap out from your nails, then it will obviously need to be taken care of. One way to bring back its luminosity is keeping it moisturized. Speaking of nail moisturizers, these products are expensive. However, you can save your pockets from a major offense by simply using some olive or coconut oil from your kitchen. All you have to do is dab each fingernail with a few drops and rub it into the cuticle. Then voila, your nails are moisturized!

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Moisturize your nails with a few drops of olive or coconut oil / PicHelp

Quick Fix #2: Buff Your Nails

Dead skin on the cuticles is present when there is nail damage. You have to get rid of these unwanted remnants for you to restore health on what is beneath it. So how can you smoothen out the grooves and ridges on your nails?

Buffing your nails for at least once a week can bring back their glow. The natural shine will just come out after you smoothen and polish your nails using a buffer. This becomes effective because dead cells are removed without chipping off the aesthetic appeal. Just remember not to overdo the process as it will ruin the expected result.

Quick Fix #3: Use Neosporin

In this remedy, you might spend around 1 to 2 dollars. Although it comes with a price, this option is effective especially to those who incurred a big deal of nail damage. Simply apply the Neosporin ointment on your fingernails and also along the cracks and chaps. Let it sit for around three minutes before you massage the areas. With just one night, your nails will show remarkable changes. Afterwards, use the ointment for a few consecutive nights, then every second night. Just when your nails seem to be alright, you can just use it once a month.

The Wrap

Winter can be cruel to your nails, but there are gentle solutions to restore its integrity. Just remember the mentioned quick fixes for winter-damaged nails to resolve your nail dilemma.