It’s no secret that using your cell phone could expose you to radiation levels deemed unhealthy. There are over 1.9 billion users around the world, making cellphones a technological fixture that will not go away anytime soon. While there are some contradicting studies, excessive cell phone usage does affect our health. It can cause a range of ailments, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Cancer
  • Early onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Thankfully, you can prevent such dangers by being a smart user with the following techniques:

1. Limiting phone usage may seem as a very easy step, but most people can’t part with their phone. In fact, a British study discovered that the youth today spend twice the amount of times they think they do, estimating at least five hours a day. Use your phone only for important reasons. When in a call, make it as short as possible. Research has shown that just two minutes of calling can change the natural activity of the brain.

2. As much as possible, text instead of calling – except when you’re driving or doing any activity that requires your full attention.

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As much as possible, text instead of calling / PicHelp

3. Replace your phone with a low-radiation variety. Scientists are still clueless about how much electromagnetic waves will affect our health over a specific period of time. But for now, you should replace your phone if it is one of the models that emit high radiation levels.

4. Protect yourself with a headset or speaker. While it is still unsure which is more beneficial, it is recommended that you use these accessories instead of just the phone. This is because electromagnetic waves are absorbed by the temporal lobe of the brain, especially when you put your phone next to your ear.

5. Don’t leave the phone by your body, especially while you’re using it. The electromagnetic waves can easily be absorbed by the soft tissues of the body. Additionally, a study showed that men who put their phones near their waist experienced reduced sperm count.

6. Go for airplane mode whenever you or your kids are simply playing with the phone. If you don’t want to turn off your phone at night, switch to airplane mode as well.

7. Power is key. Don’t use your phone while in a metal box, such as a car or an elevator. This reduces the signal, so your phone seeks more power. The same thing happens when there’s bad reception. Wait for the signal to go up a few bars before you use your phone.

Believe it or not, there are foods that can counter electromagnetic radiation. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, as well as red meats, egg yolks, and dairy products.